V Nemecku a Rakusku,a hlavne v Cine liecia rakovinu elektrickym prudom cez oblast nadoru s velmi dobrymi vysledkami.Pripajam clanok Lee Eulera publikacie Cancer defeated Newsletter.

Cancer Defeated Newsletter
By Lee Euler
Issue #19
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Cancer Cells EXPLODE on Contact
With This Non-Toxic Treatment!

Take a nap and wake up free of cancer

Germany's top cancer doctors literally cook cancer out of your body while you nap, and you wake up pain-free! This breakthrough therapy is banned in America, but German doctors have used it successfully on thousands of patients from all over the world — including patients that American doctors gave up on.

America's cancer industry ignores the latest science and goes on pushing failed therapies that cost ten times as much. It's a fact: the hellish cancer treatments Americans take for granted are now obsolete (and that's being generous — they were never any good.) Click here and see for yourself in our guide to German cancer clinics — the first one ever published in English!

In 1800, Italian-born physicist Alessandro Volta built what became known as the electric battery. It was the first device able to produce a steady electric current.

Now some European and Chinese doctors have embraced a therapeutic use of this invention that the U.S. medical establishment refuses to acknowledge, namely...

...electrical currents have proven to dissolve and destroy cancer tissue!

The process is known as galvanotherapy, electrotherapy or electrochemotherapy (ECT). According to acclaimed medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker, D.P.M., this cancer treatment was first applied in 1969 by the Austrian physician Dr. Rudolf Pekar 1.

Dr. Pekar successfully used electrotherapy to treat a variety of cancerous growths, including:

  • Breast cancers
  • Esophageal and stomach cancers
  • Lung cancers
  • Melanomas and basal-cell carcinomas
  • Mouth and throat cancers
  • Rectal cancer & anal cancer
  • Vaginal cancers

Since then, Nobel nominee Professor Bjorn E. W. Nordenstrom, MD, PhD, of Stockholm, Sweden introduced ECT with galvanotherapy to Chinese healers in 1988.

Within 5 years, Chinese doctors had implemented the treatment in 818 hospitals throughout China!

ECT is most often used along with other therapies, not as a standalone "magic bullet". We know of at least one German clinic that uses it in conjunction with low-dose chemotherapy. It's one of a number of "adjunctive therapies" (including hyperthermia) that enable chemotherapy to work in small doses that don't cause you to throw up, lose your hair, or generally give up trying because the treatment is so awful. ECT/galvanotherapy weakens cancer cells so that a small dose of the toxic drug is enough to kill them.

So how does it work? Basically, a trained doctor administers local anesthesia before attaching electrodes with needles inserted into the skin. The doctor places the electrodes at the region where cancer has been detected.

The patient then receives a weak electrical current — typically 10 volts or less. The electricity attacks cancer cells in one of two ways:

  1. The current destroys cancer tissues, which allows your immune cells to gobble them up and eliminate them as waste. Some of the cancer cells are destroyed immediately, while others disappear over time.
  2. The electric current causes a change in some cancer cells that allows them to "revert" to normalcy and become a healthy part of the organ, tissue, or body part being treated. This phenomenon of cancer cells reverting to normal cells is common to some of the most potent alternative cancer treatments (and the very idea gives establishment doctors a fit).

The best part of this treatment is — NO HEALTHY TISSUE is damaged by the electrical currents. Plus, the outpatient procedure doesn't cost much. So electrotherapy treatments won't cause pain to your body — or to your wallet!

If you think ECT/galvanotherapy sounds far-fetched, think again. Treatment with weak electric currents has been used for years, especially in orthopedics, where it has been used to help speed up the healing process in broken bones and to reduce pain.

Chinese report incredible success rates

According to Dr. Morton Walker, the three year survival rate for Chinese cancer patients undergoing electrotherapy tops 70 percent!

And the worldwide estimate for the three year remission rate is about 72 percent for most cancers treated with this therapy!

Dr. Walker's Special Report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, devotes a chapter to this therapy. The report also features 9 other cancer therapies that he's selected as among the best, based on his 40 years of experience investigating natural cures and treatments.

You'll probably have to buy a plane ticket and travel to Austria or Germany to undergo this treatment. But given the treatment's stellar success rate for killing cancer cells...

...it could be one of the best health investments you'll ever make!

Meanwhile, if you go to Germany for ECT. . .

. . .you'll probably encounter this next "forbidden in the USA" therapy as well.

Mistletoe is actually a powerful medicinal plant used since ancient times. References to mistletoe's "cure-all" properties date back as far as the ancient Greeks and the Druids.

It's been used for centuries to treat everything from epilepsy, hypertension and headaches to menopausal symptoms, infertility and arthritis. And though it's potent for many uses, it's especially deadly on cancer tumors.

While it's most often talked about as a complement to conventional treatment, many have experienced success using mistletoe as part of a complete alternative strategy.

The modern focus on mistletoe as a solution for cancer began around the 1920's, and has steadily become more widespread. In certain European countries, products made from European mistletoe are among the most prescribed therapies for cancer patients.

In fact, doctors in Germany treat over 50% of their cancer patients with mistletoe in one form or another. If you go to Germany for cancer treatment (and I think it's a good idea), you'll very likely come across one of the mistletoe extracts. You can get more details in our Special Report, German Cancer Breakthrough. It's a guide to the best German alternative cancer clinics.

My colleague Andrew Scholberg — our house expert on alternative cancer clinics — says mistletoe is the "laetrile of Germany." While Mexican clinics tend to rely on laetrile (and, yes, it DOES work), the German clinics go in for mistletoe.

The most common treatment is to inject the mistletoe extract under the skin. Of course, the FDA doesn't allow injectable mistletoe to be sold or used in the United States except for research (maybe they're worried everyone will want to kiss you?), so your only options here are oral formulas. But we have heard of American patients coming back from a German clinic with their own supply of the extract and finding an American doctor who will inject it for them.

Iscador is the most well-known brand of mistletoe extract. Mistletoe is a sort of "parasite" plant that grows on and draws nourishment from different types of host trees. The type of host tree affects Iscador's properties, so the product comes in different formulas for treating different types of cancers. You can get Iscador® P from pine trees, Iscador® Q from oak trees, and Iscador® M from apple trees.

One of the main reported benefits of Iscador is a dramatic increase in quality of life while battling cancer. As you can imagine, your chances of success increase greatly when you experience such improvements as:

  • Improvements in appetite, weight, and vitality
  • Regaining normal sleep patterns
  • Improved mental state (lessened depression/anxiety, sense of courage to face life and ability to take action)
  • Prolonged life

Pretty dramatic for a "decorative plant" — eh? And it gets better. Mistletoe also...

  • Reduces the adverse effects of chemo and radiation therapy
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Stops tumor growth
  • Reduces the risk of recurrences and metastases

The next time you hang a bough of mistletoe in your doorway, you'll have more to appreciate than its power to get you a holiday smooch.

If you'd like to learn more about its cancer killing powers, click here.

Kindest regards,

Lee Euler

1 Walker, M. 2001. "Galvanotherapy Percutaneous Bio-Electrotherapy for the Elimination of Malignant Tumors." Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. Retrieved from http://www.alternativehealth.co.nz/cancer/articles/galvonic.htm

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protocell, protirakovinny, antiviralny , velmi silny antioxidant.
Nie je to najlacnejdi produkt, ale nema postranne ucinky a je dobry na rozne typy rakovin. Nie je zakazany v USA, hoci tvrdenie, ze lieci rakovinu nesmie ani spomenut na flasi.
Jedna z velmi ucinnych metod na liecenie rakovin je  v Nemecku vyvinuta Hyperthermia. Metoda vyuziva to, ze rakovinne bunky maju vyssi metabolizmus a teda produkuju viac tepla. Ked sa telo postupne zohreje na 40, 5 stupna celzia a udrzi tam 2 hodiny, velka cast rakovinnych buniek sa prehreje a uhynie, zatial co zdrave bunky v tele tuto teplotu preziju. Zvysok znicia lekari masivnymi davkami vitaminu C alebo inymi prirodnymi prostriedkami.
V Nemecku je plno klinik, ktore maju zariadenie na tuto metodu nicenia rakoviny, zialbohu inde sa to zatial neprebojovalo pre odpor onkologov....

Nie je to nic nove, ale je to zhrnute a je to na nete.
Chybaju mi tam  betaglukany, betulin a chaga, ktore su velmi silne protirakovinne priamo, ci nepiamo.
Samozrejme to nezahrnuje chemicke prostriedky, ako MMS1 a 2, peroxid vodika, hydrazin, ale ani antineoplastony(dr Burzynski), ktore su dnes dokonca schvalene FDA na pokusne liecenie(po tridsiatich rokoch potlacania,hoci vyliecili stovky medzitym!!!)
A nie je tam nic na odmorovanie tela enzymami a absorbentmi, ktore sice priamo nezabijaju rakovinne bunky, ale prispievaju k ich odstraneniu a znizuju ich tvorenie.
B-17/rakovina , ucinok vysvetleny, podlozeny vyskusany mnohymi lekarmi a statisticky vyhodnoteny.
 Je to sice 55 minut a po anglicky, ale je to naozaj hodno pozriet
Parkrat som tu spomenul, hlavne pri virusoch latky ako betulin a hubu chaga(vytazok z brezovej kory a brezova huba, inonotus obliquus).
 Tak sem dam link na dalsie informacie okolo tychto produktov, ktore sa blokuju na zapade napriek mnozstvu vyskumu a pouzitia tychto velmi uzitocnych latok proti hromade chorob, vcitane rakovin
Cinska medicina pozna astragalus membraneceus uz snad vyse 1000 rokov.
Je uzitocny pri regeneracii a je silny adaptogen. V poslednych rokoch
robili rozne vyskumy okolo neho a zistili, ze znacne potlaca vyvoj
rakovin, odstranuje skody napachane radiaciou, potlaca rozne virusy as
najnovsie, vyskum zistil, ze je schopny predlzovat telomery na retazcoch
DNA, tj dovolit neobmedzene delenie DNA, co by teoreticky mohlo predlzit
zivot do nekonecna?!?!?

Viacero preparatov je uz na trhu, neviem ake davky su klinicky ucinne,
ale na vytazok co predlzuje telomery treba hlavne hladit na obsah
astragalosidu IV, tiez znameho ako TA-65.

Prve plne rozne davky boli, samozrejme , hrozne drahe(25 000 dolarov)
ale ceny sa prudko znizili na dostupne, hlavne ked clovek nehlada vyssie
koncentacie, ako 10-20 %. Cim cistejsie tym podstatne (neumerne)drahsie.

Podobne je to napr aj s resveratrolom, kde sa neoplati kupovat 99%, lebo
rovnake mnozstvo resveratrolu(transresveratrolu) v 50% koncentrovanom
produkte stoji menej, nez polovicu.

Inac ucinne davky korena bez koncentovania su medzi 5 az 10 gramami.To
netvrdim o "omladzovani", o tom je informacii este primalo, ale len na
antiviralne a imunoprotektivne vlastnosti sa pouzivaju taketo davky.

Kedze sa jedna o prirodny produkt, ktory sa neda patentovat ani nijak
ochranit, budu si vyrobcovia urcity cas drzat informacie o ucinnych
davkach a zlozeni svojich vyrobkov podla moznosti v tajnosti co najdlhsie.

Ako vzdy, z Ciny sa daju vytazky kupovat vo velkom, viacero spolocnosti
ich ponuka. Cinania su v bylinach a vytazkoch z nich daleko najsilnejsi
na svete(tradicia a dosial ziadny tlak farmacie a zapadnej mediciny v
Cine nie je)
Su doplnky ktore priamo napadaju alebo nedovolia rozmnozovat sa rakovinnym bunkam, tj cytotoxicke:
Velke davky vitaminu C, B-17(amygdalin),  graviola, lapacho, paw-paw,Samento/vilcacora, artemisinin, lactoferrin, elagitanin ,citral a ine.
Su latky ktore podporuju obranu tela proti vzniku rakovinnych buniek a posilnuju telo v bojo proti nim ako:
Betaglukany, riasy a vytazky z nich(chlorella, spirulina dunaliena, fucoidan, Seanol) I3C, DIM, crinum, calcium glucarate, vitamin D , selen, rybacie oleje, lanovy a kokosovy panensky a samozrejme vsetky antioxidanty, vcitane bioflavonidov, resveratrolu alfa lipoickej kyseline a CoQ10.
A je osobitne cistenie tela od toxinov a zamorenia, co prispieva k zvysenej obrane tela a menej tvorenia roznych poskodenych utvarov a rakovinnych buniek, ako:
Enzymi(bromelain, papain,. pancreatine, fungalne enzymi, serrapeptaza...),
 absorbenty(vlakniny,drevenne uhlie, bentonity, zeolity, najme vsade prenikajuci tekuty zeolit),
chelacne agenty(ovocne a zeleninove kyseliny, EDTA, DMSA,cilantro a ine zelene vrsky zelenin)

Viac na kompletne lekarske protokoly najdes na   www.cancertutor.org
jeden z lieciv na rakovinu prostaty a hyperplaziu (zvacsenie) prostaty a
ovarii je vytazok z rastliny crinum(masozrava, "mucholapka), ktory
predavaju napr pod menom
"Healthy prostate/ovary formula" v roznych obchodoch, vcitane firiem
Farmacoepia a Nutricology.
Vysledky pouzivania dlheho 64 dni boli az na 97% uspesne v zmenseni
hyperplazickej prostaty blizko normalnej velkosti.
Mozno by to bolo ucinne aj na zhrubnutu maternicu, kedze sa tam tiez
jedna o hyperplaziu a maternica je funkcne podobna do urcitej miery

Registrovaný používateľ jerdna
22/01/2008 22:35
Ohlásiť adminovi Dobry vecer. Prosim o radu, co sa stane, ak pri hormonalnej stimulacii €anzelky pred ivr sa nam oneskorila aplikacia decapeptylu o cca 12 hodin. Vdaka. Pekny vecer

Hodnotný prispievateľ RNG
23/01/2008 03:20
Ohlásiť adminovi Decapeptyl(triptorelin) je liek pouzivany pri pokrocilej rakovine prostaty. Jeho ucinok je potlacenie tvorby testosteronu, cim sa spomali pokracovanie rakoviny prostaty, ktorej progres je hormonalne zavisly.
Podla literatury, kedze injekcie triptorelinmu sa davaji raz za 4 tyzdne alebo v podobnych intervaloch, "oneskorenie 2-3 dni nepredstavuje problem"
Podotykam, rakoviny sa daju vyliecit, nielen spomalit, je tu na fore zopar tem, ako na to a v prirode hromada protirakovinnych prostriedkov.
Napr, Graviola,B17,betaglukany,artemizinin, lapacho, Samento, liquid zeolites, atd.
Pomocne su velke davky vitaminu C,silne antioxidanty, omega 3 oleje, kokosovy olej, enzymi a jod, rastlinne steroly(pouzivane v zmesiach na zmensenie hyperplazie prostaty)atd. Je aj specificky vytazok na rakovinu prostaty(benign prostate hypertrophy),velmi uspesny, vytazok z laliovitej rastliny Crinum.

25/01/2008 22:16
Ohlásiť adminovi hej, to je skoda, lebo prirodne je predsa lepsie, teraz som niekde pocula, ze surovy kel je vyborne ucinny proti rakovine. a je to dokazane, a tiez na pana, co takto lieci aj inymi prostriedkami an prirodnej baze, zevraj zaluju...

Hodnotný prispievateľ RNG
25/01/2008 22:33
Ohlásiť adminovi vsetky kapustoviny(kel, kalerab, kapusta, karfiol, brokolica) obsahuju protirakovinnu latku I3C, ktora je ucinnou latkou v lieku Indonal.
Problemm je davkovanie, potrebne je 600 mg I3C alebo DIM, a to je ekvivalent vyse kila brokolice...
Takze vytazky su klinicky ucinne jedenie brokolice sice pomaha, ale nie je az natolko ucinne.

31/01/2008 18:08
Ohlásiť adminovi RNG
a este...nepomyslas z usa dovazat DIM-vies o tom nieco blizsie, teda o pripravku na co presne je urceny?

Hodnotný prispievateľ RNG
31/01/2008 20:21
Ohlásiť adminovi
DIM(diindoilmethane) a I3C(indol 3 carbinol) su protirakovinne vytazky z kapustovin. Na Slovensku predavaju preparat pod menom Indonal s obsahom I3C.
Ludia ho pouzivaju aj ako antiviralny, ale nikde som nevidel klinicke dokazy na antiviralne vlastnosti, preto sa to stranim tvrdit.
Na co ale su dokazy je hormonalna uprava, kde hormonalne zavisle rakoviny su tymto prostriedkom tlmene aj z hormonalnej stranky.

06/02/2008 23:10
Ohlásiť adminovi RNG, co si o tom myslis?
BRATISLAVA 6. februára (SITA) - Marihuana spomaľuje rozširovanie rakovinových buniek v organizme. Vyplýva to z laboratórnej štúdie Univerzity v Rostocku. Farmakológovia Robert Ramer a Burkhard Hinz dokázali, že účinná látka tetrahydrokanabinol (THC) zabraňuje šíreniu rakovinových buniek do okolitých tkanív. V ľudskom tele by tak THC mohol spomaliť vznik metastáz. Zo štúdie tiež vyplýva, že vďaka THC vznikajú látky, ktoré spomaľujú v rakovinových bunkách tvorbu enzýmov, ktoré sa podieľajú na poškodzovaní tkaniva. Ako uviedol vedúci Inštitútu toxikológie a farmakológie Burkhard Hinz, ich výskum sa nachádza ešte len v experimentálnom štádiu. Na základe doterajších zistení však dúfajú, že kanabinoidy by mohli byť v budúcnosti doplnkovou liečbou rakoviny. Pre pacienta by totiž znamenala menej nežiaducich účinkov ako chemoterapia. SITA

Hodnotný prispievateľ RNG
06/02/2008 23:34
Ohlásiť adminovi Z mojich lekarskych zdrojov mam na rakovinu ovela ucinnejsie byliny a vytazky, nez kanabinol.Ten tak akurat ciastocne spomaluje sirenie rakoviny, nikto nehovoril o zabijani rakovinnych buniek a predsa na to je dnes uz hromada rastlin a inych prostriedkov z prirody.
Spomeniem ich zopar silnych:
graviola, Lapacho, paw paw,Vilcacora(Samento),elagicka kyselina, amygdalin,Crinum, I3C a DIM, lactoferrin a artemisinin...
a tiez vela podpornych ako antioxidanty, betaglukany,rozne zelene, fucoidan(z kombu), enzymi, chelatory, tekute zeolity, atd.
Or visit this link or this one