Parkinsonova choroba je sprevadzana(a mozno sposobena ciastocne) nizkymi hladinami dopaminu v mozgu.
Neupro(rotigone) je chemikalia, ktora sa udajne sprava tak, akoby zvysene mnozstvo dopaminu v mozgu. Zialbohu nesie so sebou hromadu postrannych ucinkov. Viac na
Preto je momentalne v USA dokonca stiahnuta docasne z trhu, teda naplasti transdermalne.

Hladina dopaminu sa da zvysit prirodnym potravinovym doplnkom, vytazkom z bobu(najma africkeho) latky L-DOPA, ktora v davkach 600 az 1200 mg denne je klinicky znacne na Parkinsona ucinna.

Co som zabudol pripomenut, ze casto je diagnoza Parkinsona nespravna, lebo nedostatok vitaminu B-12 sa prejavuje uplne roznako a dokonca az 50% diasgnozovanych Parkinsonov vlastne nie su tato choroba, ale len nedostatok vitaminu B-12.
Takze pri tej diagnoze by som najskor adresoval napravenie travenia(kyseliny, enzymi, vlakniny a najma probiotika),totiz hlavny zdroj B-12 su nase probiotika v crevach, ktorych hladina sa pri zhorsenom traveni podstatne zmeni v nas neprospech.
Prejavi sa to zrychlenym starnutim, stratou vysky(kostna hmota) a hromadou inych priznakov schovanych ako "normalne starnutie"
Dobra forma doplnku vitaminu B-12 je liposomicka, tj minitabletka pod jazyk, kde sa absorbuje rovno do krvi, lebo zaludocne kyseliny znicia skoro vsetok B-12 v jedlach pripadne pilulkach doplnkov.
Najlepsia-biologicky najucinnejsia forma B-12  je methylcobalamine, nie bezny cyanokobalamine na trhu. Dopbra a silna je
Viacere spravy na spomalenie Parkinsonovej choroby pouzitim CoQ 10 sa zjavili uz pred vyse 10 rokmi.
Nikto ale nesiel dalej nez 1200 mg a podla doktora Shallenbergera mozno dosiahnut kompletne zastavenie progresie Parkinsonovej choroby davkami 2000 mg prakticky u kazdeho jeho pacienta.
Novsia forma koenzymu, biologicky priamo aktivna v tele je Ubiquinol. Tato forma je az 8 krat tak ucinna a absorbovatelna a to aj pre tych pacientov, ktory neboli v tele schopny premenit COQ-10 na biologicky aktivnu formu.
Takze teraz staci 5x50 mg ubiquinolu(alebo 3x100 mg), na ten isty ucinok

Volume 3, Issue 6
February 11, 2010

How to use CoQ10 to
completely stop the progression
of Parkinson's disease

When Parkinson's disease first shows up, it's very mild. But as time goes by, the symptoms progress to the point where they are completely incapacitating. If only there was a way to stop the progression of the disease. Well, there is.

Parkinson's is a mitochondrial disease. Mitochondria are the energy-producing parts of the cell. Every cell in your body has thousands of mitochondria. As long as the mitochondria are working efficiently, the cells (and you) will have boundless amounts of energy.

But as we get older, mitochondrial efficiency decreases. And as this happens, two things occur. First, the cells become deprived of energy and we start to function a lot like a flashlight with a weak battery. Second, poorly functioning mitochondria are the primary cause of the free radical damage that not only causes Parkinson's disease, but every other neurological disease associated with aging.

Although there are a number of nutrients that must be present in adequate amounts in order for the mitochondria to be working well, perhaps none are more important than coenzyme Q10. Most Parkinson's patients are very familiar with CoQ10. The fact that it slows the progression of Parkinson's is nothing new. But I'm going to show you a way to use it to completely stop the progression of Parkinson's.

First, let's look at how CoQ10 works. CoQ10 is essential for the first two phases of mitochondrial energy production called complex I and complex II.

The Hip Fracture
That Didn't Happen

Ellen took plenty of calcium. She exercised religiously. She even put wild yam cream on her thighs. So when her doctor told her how weak her bones had become, she was shocked.

Luckily, Ellen was able to beat the odds — by taking advantage of a new bone-building breakthrough.

Read on:

Scientists at the University of California in San Diego recently examined the effects of CoQ10 supplements in patients with Parkinson's. They studied 80 patients with early Parkinson's disease. Their symptoms were so mild that none of them needed medication. Then they divided them into four groups. One group took 300 mg of CoQ10 each day, one group 600 mg, one group 1,200 mg, and one group took a placebo pill. The researchers then watched what happened over the next 16 months.

At the end of the trial, the patients who received the largest dose of CoQ10 demonstrated an impressive 44% slower rate of decline compared to the placebo group. Even the people getting the smaller doses had less disability than the placebo group. But the benefits were greatest in the 1,200 mg group.

Now for the easiest way to completely stop the progression of this nasty disease, I have been recommending a daily dose of 2,000 mg of CoQ10 to all of my patients with Parkinson's for several years now. And although I do not have a double-blind, placebo-controlled study like these researchers, so far this dose has completely stopped the progression of the disease in every patient who has tried it. It really is that simple!

You can find high-potency forms of CoQ10 online and in health food stores. Vitaline makes a high-dose product that researchers have used in many studies on Parkinson's disease.

There's also a new form of CoQ10 called ubiquinol that's better absorbed. Studies show that it's absorbed eight times more efficiently than regular CoQ10. So 50 mg of ubiquinol provides virtually the same high blood levels of CoQ10 as the regular form. To reach the equivalent of 2,000 mg per day of regular CoQ10, you would need to take eight soft gels daily. You can order ubiquinol by following this link.

Finding your Real Cures,

Frank Shallenberger, MD

Ref: Shults CW, Oakes D, Kieburtz K, et al. Effects of coenzyme Q10 in early Parkinson disease: evidence of slowing of the functional decline. Arch Neurol. 2002 Oct;59(10):1541-50.

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