Pridam sem clanok dr Rowena na resveratrol a ine. Je to sice zaroven reklama na jeho formulu s resveratrolom, ale podotykam, ze uvedene vysledky u potkanov boli robene s davkami az 20 mg na Kg vahy, tj pre cloveka by to bolo vyse gramu denne, takze osobne sa mi ta formula zda este prislaba. Osobne beriem (ked nezabudnem) 2x495 mg transresveratrolu z firmy
Kedze transresveratrol ma ubohu absorbciu cez traviaci trakt, skusam v sucasnosti absobciu cez sliznice v ustach z vodnehom roztoku.
Pripravil som si alkoholicky roztok(30 ml alkoholu a 500 mg transresveratrolu), tj zhruba 500 kvapiek , 1 mg resveratrolu na kvapku, a dam 2 kvapky do lyzice vody a drzim ju v ustach asi 5- 10 minut.
Podla spravy vo wikipedii na resveratrol, anglicka verzia,  takto udajne namerali v  krvi vyssiu hladinu, nez z 500 mg kapsul branych oralne. Nuz je to nekonecne lacnejsie a tym ovela dostupnejsie, lebo transresveratrol je este stale pridrahy, az dolar za 500 mg kapsulu.

Journal Of Natural Medicine

Harvard Study finds this amazing nutrient
gives you smooth arteries ... more
energy ... a strong immune system ... and
may even undo the effects of a bad diet

If you're like me, you try to stay healthy by eating right, exercising, and taking supplements.

And if you're like me, you eat a healthy diet most of the time. But occasionally you like to indulge in foods that are a little decadent. Like fudge ripple ice cream ... or rich cream sauces ... or pizza.

Sometimes you can buy decadent foods like ice cream or macaroni and cheese at a health food store and they're not so bad. But when you eat those foods at the local diner or restaurant, chances are good that they contain horribly unhealthy trans fats!

Well, imagine it were possible to eat those foods and still live a long, healthy life. Imagine you could eat those foods and still have a healthy heart, liver, and arteries.

And imagine if you could have greater energy, more stamina, and greater mental clarity.

Well, believe it or not, a new Harvard Medical School study says it just might be possible! In this new study, Harvard researchers may have found a way to counter the negative effects of a high-calorie diet loaded with trans fats. And it's done using one of my favorite nutrients - resveratrol.

As you may know, resveratrol is a bioflavonoid found in red grape skins. Past studies show that it supports your heart, promotes healthy blood flow and boosts your immune system. And now, scientists think that resveratrol may help keep you healthy even if you're eating junk food!

Can this really be the magic pill we've all dreamed about?

Many scientists believe so. The resveratrol findings are so solid, they're even exciting scientists in other fields. Stephen Helfand, a researcher on molecular aging at Brown University says, "I actually told my mother she should take it. I even went out and got her some."

Have Harvard Scientists Found the Fountain of Youth?

A group of Harvard researchers wanted to know if resveratrol can help us live longer, healthier lives. So they took a group of middle-aged mice and fed half of them a terrible junk food diet. To make sure it was the worst diet possible, 60% of the calories came from fat - including trans fats!

As you can imagine, these mice became overweight ... and developed a long list of health problems. Problems like bloated livers, insulin resistance, and strained cardiovascular systems. It's no surprise the mice all died prematurely.

Now here's the amazing part. The researchers took the other half of the mice and fed them the same exact diet at the same exact time. But in addition to the horrible diet, these mice were given resveratrol.

Result: these mice became overweight, too. But they looked healthy and their organs functioned as normally as thin mice eating a regular diet! Even more amazing, the resveratrol-fed mice ended up living up to 15% longer than normal. In human terms, it's like adding another 11 years to your life!

But that's not all. The Harvard researchers decided to put the overweight resveratrol mice through endurance tests against normal, thin mice. Guess who performed better?

The overweight mice had twice the stamina and agility as the thin mice! Now that's incredible.

Why did these overweight mice perform so much better? Because resveratrol increases your blood flow and charges your muscles with energy.

In another study, done by the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology, researchers put mice on treadmills and measured how far they'd run before collapsing. The average mouse was able to run for 1 kilometer. But mice fed resveratrol were able to run 2 kilometers!

So not only does resveratrol help you live longer, it also gives you more energy to enjoy it!

How it Works...

As you probably know, mitochondria are the little furnaces inside your cells. Mitochondria burn nutrients and fats into energy. The more energy your body produces, the faster your metabolism. And a faster metabolism helps you burn unnecessary fats before they get stored in your body and affect your health.

Unfortunately, as we age, our mitochondria begin to deteriorate and our metabolism begins to slow.

The good news is that resveratrol increases mitochondria production. How does it do it? Resveratrol activates a special protein called SIRT-1. And SIRT-1 creates mitochondria.

And by doing so, it increases your energy, helps you maintain healthy blood pressure, healthy blood sugar, and protects your liver.

Support for a Healthy Heart

Since it's a potent antioxidant, resveratrol directly supports your heart too. Studies show that resveratrol can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support your heart and cardiovascular systems.

It does this in two important ways:

First, resveratrol maintains good blood flow and circulation. And second, resveratrol increases your nitric oxide levels. You may remember nitric oxide helps relax artery walls so blood flows more freely. This discovery is so important, it was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998.

Nitric oxide is not only good for your heart, it also increases blood flow to your brain. This keeps nerve cells in your brain healthy. Your body naturally produces nitric oxide from a common amino acid in your diet called L-arginine. But sometimes, that's not enough. Resveratrol helps you maintain a healthier heart and better blood flow by boosting your nitric oxide levels.

Amazing what Mother Nature puts in a tiny grape, isn't it?

Even More Remarkable Health Benefits

If you need any more proof that resveratrol lowers your health risks, take a look at the latest research breakthroughs:

� Researchers at the University of Missouri show resveratrol reduces oxidative stress in nerve cells and may protect against age-related nerve changes.

� At Wright State University School of Medicine, researchers show resveratrol inhibited an enzyme that may lead to less-than-optimal artery function.

� Researchers in Japan show that rats consuming wine compounds for eight weeks maintained healthy blood pressure.

� Lastly, one study shows resveratrol did a better job than Pepto-Bismol in combating three strains of bacteria that cause diarrhea. (Make sure you take it with you when you travel!)

How Does Resveratrol Do All This?

Plants make resveratrol in response to stress like drought, lack of nutrients, and fungus infection. It's the plant's own natural defense system. In fact, wine from grapes grown in harsh conditions contains more resveratrol than those produced in milder climates.

You can get resveratrol by eating grapes or drinking red wine. But you'd have to consume several gallons a day to get the kind of benefits found in the studies.

That's why my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals created Advanced Resveratrol Formula. Each small dose is jam-packed with enough resveratrol to equal hundreds of glasses of red wine!

I want to flood my body with the healing power of resveratrol and the other potent antioxidants found in grapes. Send me my Advanced Resveratrol Formula today!

Get 1,000 Times the Resveratrol in one Dose!

In fact, my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals put an amazing 110 mg of resveratrol in every dose of Advanced Resveratrol Formula - more than any other known formula on the market today. Ounce for ounce, Advanced Resveratrol Formula contains a whopping 1,000 times the resveratrol found in red wine!

But they didn't stop there. They also added grape seed and grape skin extracts to our formula. Why? Because the seeds and skins of grapes are rich in beneficial nutrients like polyphenols, catechins, and proanthocyanidins. With two daily capsules, you get the same amount of nutrients and health benefits as if you ate hundreds of pounds of grapes (seeds included!).

And that's not all. They also added 100 mg of a proprietary red wine extract, designed to deliver even more of the health benefits of grapes in your daily dose of Advanced Resveratrol Formula.

Next, they added a potent form of citrus bioflavonoids. In fact, each daily dose of Advanced Resveratrol Formula gives you an amazing 1,000 mg of citrus bioflavonoids! They help resveratrol and the other nutrients work even better. And citrus bioflavonoids support your capillaries.

For even more heart support, they added the powerful antioxidant quercetin. Quercetin helps keep the lining of blood vessels healthy.

Alone, each of these ingredients supports your overall health. When combined, these powerful ingredients work together to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and to slow down the aging process.

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See for Yourself

If you were to purchase all these ingredients separately, you could easily spend $60 or more. Yet a one-month supply (120 tablets) of Advanced Resveratrol Formula is just $39.95 (plus $6.95 shipping).

Better yet, order three bottles and you'll save an additional 10%. It's just $107.85 plus shipping. That's a 3-month supply for little more than a dollar a day. That means you'll get all these amazing health benefits for less than what you pay for your daily paper or cup of coffee!

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Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Robert Jay Rowen, MD
Editor, Second Opinion

P.S. For nearly six years (before big pharmascientists "discovered" it), I've been telling my Second Opinion readers about the incredible health benefits of resveratrol. And with each new study, we learn even more amazing ways resveratrol can improve your health. So why put off a stronger, younger body any longer? Advanced Resveratrol Formula is a high-quality, all-natural extract that's available right now.
Vacsina "omladzovania je podvod, jedna sa len o docasne vyhladenie vrasok.

Spomalenie starnutia(nehovorim vobec o omladzovani) sa da dosiahnut
branim hromady antioxidantov a udrzovanim si dobreho
travenia,cistenim-odmorovanim tela, pripadne doplnenim veci, co telu
chybaju a branenim sa aktivne proti chorobam.

Z najucinnejsich latok spomeniem niektore adaptogeny, hlavne vytazok z
astragalusu(astragaloside 4, ) ktory dokonca nadlzuje telomery na DNA!!!!

Tiez samozrejme vitamin C a E, velke davky resveratrolu a
transresveratrolu a vytazku z morskej rastliny aclonia cava pod menom Seanol

Mnohe zelene sa tam tiez radia, ale s mensim prispevkom

Pri oddalovani starnutia su casto pouzivane materialy na zlepsenie
hormonalnych hladin, na zlepsenie mozgovych procesov, zvysovanie imunity
a cistenie si jednotlivych organov.
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