Borelioza(lyme desease)

Some older data is on this page:
Since then there vas much higher number cases admited by JAMA, possibly over 400 thousand a year in USA and transmission was also admitted possible by any biting bug, including horse flies, dear flies and moskitoes. Borelia was found in sweat, saliva and semen, so transmition is much more available than only tick bites.
At the same time was admitted, that borelia is capable of discarding its outer walls and parasite inside cells as micoplasma. There has very low activity, but is practically invisible to human imunity systems.
By its influence it will make cell to produce materials(similar to mucus) on cell walls thus mask its presence for body imune mechanizm.
Some demasking elements were mentioned by various dostors as usefull, as NAC and uncaria tometosa(cats claw and its patented extract Samento)
I had personally very good results with using extract from olive leafs, which is known to be usefull on various mycoplasmic infections as well.
25.12.2009 21:52:36
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